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An attorney can help with custody in a same-sex divorce

The state of Washington legalized same sex marriages before the issue was finally addressed at a federal level. Thanks to that forward-looking approach, the state received quite a few new citizens who were hoping to make their union legally binding.

Sadly, as is the case with any marriage, some of these unions won't last forever. Same sex marriages end, requiring divorce and everything that goes with it. In many respects, a divorce in a same-sex marriage is similar to a traditional divorce. Assets are still divided, and last names can be changed back to what they were before the marriage occurred.

Politics can stress marriages and lead to divorce

Martial partners may choose to divorce for a variety of reasons, but a current events topic is emerging as a point of contention that has driven some American couples to divorce. The occupant of the American presidency, Donald Trump, has proven to be an incredibly divisive figure. This is true not only in political circles, but also in relationships as well. Couples throughout Washington state and other parts of the nation have elected to end their marriages over conflicts they experience with their significant others about the President.

Politics is only one of many hot button issues that can drive an irreparable wedge between spouses. In addition to political affairs, themes, like finances, religion and professional aspirations, can all put stresses on the delicate balance that keeps a marriage stable.

Unmarried fathers have custody rights to their kids

Child custody cases are generally resolved when a court is able to determine how best to serve the needs and interests of the children impacted by the decisions. Whether a mother or father is granted primary physical custody of a child will depend on the circumstances of each case, though it is important for fathers to remember that a presumption does not exist in favor of granting this right to mothers. In Washington and jurisdictions throughout the nation, fathers can fight for the physical and legal custody of their children.

Unmarried fathers can face more child custody challenges than married or soon-to-be divorced fathers due, in part, to their need to establish paternity over their kids. Paternity is the biological bond that proves a child is related to their father. There are tests that a father and child can take to prove their genetic relationship.

Retirement accounts can complicate your Washington divorce

Getting a divorce is often an emotionally tumultuous time. In addition to ending your primary relationship, you will have to deal with changes in your living situation, finances and even time with your children. The greater your overall assets, the more likely it is that you and your former spouse will argue about the right way to divide them.

In some cases, like savings accounts and your home, the division of assets can be straightforward. In other cases, such as military pensions and retirement accounts, the process of division can be more complicated.

If I am in the military, where do I file for divorce?

Divorce can be a complicated process, beginning with understanding the laws governing where divorce proceedings may be initiated. But, in most cases, a party may file for divorce where they have residency, these general rules are different for members of the military. The following post will discuss some of the jurisdictional issues a military service member may confront when pursuing divorce. However, readers of this Spokane divorce legal blog are encouraged to seek their own legal counsel on their own divorces.

A member of the armed services or their spouse generally has a choice of three different jurisdictions. They may select to file for divorce where the filing party has residency or they may select to file where the other party as residency. Finally, a person pursuing divorce as or against a service member may file where the service member is stationed.

Domestic violence may affect child custody outcomes

During a divorce or after parents have decided to separate a child's life may be thrown into chaos as custody is determined. Since Spokane children may not live on their own until they reach the age of 18, they generally will be placed under the care of one or both of their parents, when their household dissolves from one to two.

When both parents are given physical custody of their kids, they are said to have joint physical custody, and they each are allowed time with their children in their households. However, in some cases, one parent may be granted sole physical custody of their kids, if the circumstances of the family relationship dictate it. Though courts sometimes seek family law and custody resolutions that allow children to maintain contact with both of their parents, when courts see one parent as a danger to their kids, they may give physical custody solely to the other.

Is joint custody best for your child?

It can be difficult to go through the divorce process at any time in your life. This is even more so the case if you have a child with your soon to be ex-spouse. In addition to details associated with your divorce, such as matters of property division, you also need to focus on those involving your child.

Before we go any further, you should always remember this: The cour t is going to do whatever is in the best interest of your child. This may not always make you happy, but there is no way around this.

Credit card debt and divorce: Know the finer details

Are you going through the divorce process? Are you concerned about the impact this will have on your finances?

It's good that you're thinking about your financial situation. After all, you can expect many things to change in the days, weeks and months to come. By taking the right approach up front, you can avoid additional challenges in the future.

Fighting for a father's rights during the divorce process

As many readers of this Spokane divorce and family law blog know, ending a marriage can be a difficult process. Even when the couple does not share children there can be strong disagreements and arguments that arise in the legal process to dissolve a marriage. When kids are part of a divorce, those fights can become downright mean.

While historically mothers were given the benefit of the doubt when it came to assigning custody of the children, today fathers have more opportunities to demonstrate their abilities to provide stable, loving homes for their children. Child custody generally involves two main categories of responsibility, physical custody and legal custody, and a parent who obtains primary physical custody of their child gets to have the child live within that parent's home.

Thinking of adopting? Here's what you should know

If you are thinking of expanding your family through adoption, there are many things to consider. Not only is it important that your family is a good fit for the child, it is also important that you understand the legal process in Washington. When it comes to matters of family law, state regulations can often be complex and difficult to navigate. A local Washington attorney will be your greatest resource while you go through the adoption process.

Read further for an overview of the adoption laws in Washington.

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