Why Choose Me?

At Hodgson Law Office, I am committed to providing candid advice to each of my clients. I believe that when clients are fully informed, they are better equipped to make key decisions that will positively impact the outcome of their cases and positively shape their futures.

I have extensive experience handling family law issues, including divorce, child custody, spousal support and other complex matters in Spokane and throughout Washington. The legal system is hard to navigate on your own. With my help, you will learn about your case and what options are available to find the best resolution.

Understanding Your Personal Needs

I encourage parents to always put the best needs of children first. I also understand that parents may have earnest disagreements about what is best for a child when making difficult decisions about custody, visitation, parental relocation and other challenges.

Each case and each client are unique. I take time to listen to my clients, understand their objectives and work diligently to pursue a positive outcome with their needs in mind.

Saving You Time And Money

Not all divorce cases need to go through the lengthy and costly litigation process. Whenever possible, I work with my clients and their spouses to negotiate divorce agreements that are in the best interests of all parties. By taking advantage of alternative dispute resolution methods, you can avoid the stress of trial, as well as save valuable time and money. That being said, I am always prepared to advocate for my clients' rights in front of a judge should negotiations fail.

Schedule A Free Consultation

You need an experienced family law attorney when your family and future are involved. I will provide honest advice and compassionate service to help you get through this difficult time. Send me an email or call my office at 509-720-8991 or 800-732-4698 to get a free consultation.