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October 2012 Archives

'Real Housewives' cast member wins child support battle

Spokane, Washington, residents who are dealing with missed child support payments can relate to the difficulties and hardships a missed payment can cause. In addition to the financial strain, it can also create an emotional toll.

Potential factors causing high "gray divorce" rates

Spokane residents who have been in troubled relationships know what an impact and toll it can take on everyday life. As previously mentioned in this blog, divorce can happen to all types of couples, and more frequently, at all ages - including the newly termed "gray divorce." While the recent statistical increase in gray divorce has been noted, new theories attempting to shed light on why older couples are choosing divorce continue to emerge.

Alimony and property division in Muslim divorces

Spokane residents considering divorce likely understand that many difficult and challenging decisions accompany a dissolution of marriage. Recently, news reports have brought attention to the complexities of Muslim divorces in U.S. court systems. Courts have had difficulty knowing how to apply state law and how to deal with Islamic law, Shariah, in divorce cases involving Muslims.

Marriage debate obscures Washington domestic partnerships

With the upcoming election, Washington state finds itself embroiled in an ongoing debate over same-sex marriage. The heated arguments sometimes obscure the fact that the state already does have a domestic partnership registry that confers some of the same rights as marriage.

Supreme Court likely may decide same-sex marriage cases

Same-sex couples in Washington state who have already married or intend to marry will be interested to know that the U.S. Supreme Court is increasingly likely to address the issue of gay marriage soon. A decision from the high court would have a huge impact on family law questions all over the United States.

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