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December 2012 Archives

Divorce before or after the holidays?

Spokane residents who have decided to file for divorce know that it is a difficult time of year to make such a difficult decision. The holidays mark celebrations with family and loved ones, and it may be difficult to think of divorcing in the middle of all of the festivities. In some cases, people may question not whether they should file for divorce, but rather, when they should do so.

Divorce brings out truths according to actor Sean Penn

Spokane residents, who are going through a divorce or have recently divorced, understand the emotional toll the experience can take. Not only is your life wholly transformed, your future relationships may be affected as well. No matter your station in life, divorce can take a heavy toll. However, it can also mark a new chapter in one's life.

International child custody battle to be heard by Supreme Court

Spokane parents who have gone through or are in the middle of a child custody dispute know the emotional toll it can take. The battle is one that involves deeply personal issues, and it can result in the determination of the amount of time a person will be able to spend with his or her child. Occasionally, one parent may need to move out of state or to another country, and this can cause a potential problem with a custody order.

Steps for women planning for life during and after a divorce

Women in the Spokane area who are contemplating divorce, or who have been served with divorce papers, understand that divorce can affect all areas of your life. Not only does the dissolution of a marriage leave its mark emotionally and financially, it can alter family dynamics and the life you have become accustomed.

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