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January 2013 Archives


Approximately one year ago we began the experiment of a blog to track along with our website.  Just wanted to thank everyone who has commented, and thanks again for all the positive feedback.

Impending divorce leads man to murder

Spokane residents who have gone through or are in the middle of a divorce understand that it can bring the worst out in a person. Particularly difficult is the fact that your current adversary was at one point was your ally. While for the majority of people, divorce can signify an emotionally tumultuous occasion, it can go beyond showing the dark side of humanity.

Judge orders man to stop having children until child support paid

Spokane residents who have a child support order in place know how critical each monthly payment can be. For many families, the payment can mean the difference between being financially stable and financially strained. Delinquent parents who fail to make payments or frequently miss payments create a lot of stress on a parent with physical child custody, and in some cases, can place a burden on state resources.

Same-sex couples still face obstacles despite legalization

Despite the fact that Washington now recognizes domestic partnerships as the equivalent of marriage under state law, there are still significant obstacles for same-sex couples under federal law. Probably the most significant obstacle that same-sex couples face is the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The following is a summary of DOMA and an overview of how the law can affect domestic partnerships, despite their newfound status in the state of Washington.

Sesame Workshop tackles children and divorce

Spokane residents who have contemplated divorce, are currently going through one or have recently divorced understand that while it is a personally challenging time, it may have an even greater impact upon their children. More and more, divorce is the subject of discussions that many parents are having with their children.

Bethenny Frankel to focus on daughter during separation

Washington parents who are in the middle of a separation or divorce understand the unique challenges that children and divorce can bring. Not only is divorce an individually emotional and difficult time period, but there must also be thorough consideration on behalf of your children. Divorce proceedings between couples with children can be very different from a couple without.

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