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Impending divorce leads man to murder

Spokane residents who have gone through or are in the middle of a divorce understand that it can bring the worst out in a person. Particularly difficult is the fact that your current adversary was at one point was your ally. While for the majority of people, divorce can signify an emotionally tumultuous occasion, it can go beyond showing the dark side of humanity.

Recently, a 73-year old Vancouver man pled guilty to second-degree murder after shooting his wife over money and their impending divorce. The couple had been married for over 20 years. The man told law enforcement that he discovered notes his wife had made regarding where the couple's money would go after the divorce. The notes enraged the man, and he waited for the woman to return home where he confronted her with a gun and shot her.

Whether your spouse has been abusive in the past, or you are a current victim of abuse and would like to get out of the marriage, the prospect can be a daunting and potentially dangerous thought. Abuse is not your fault, and there are many organizations that can help you leave safely. It is important to plan on how to protect both yourself and your finances. Among the safeguards you can take from a financial standpoint, include opening a post office box where you can safely receive mail. Additionally, a new e-mail address created on a public computer may ensure that your business and legal communications are secure from your home computer, where your emails can be intercepted and read by your spouse.

If possible, opening your own bank account can be a safety net and provide emotional and financial security. Additionally, copying or taking important documents can make the transition easier. These documents include a passport, birth and marriages certificates, as well as legal and financial statements.

If you are not able to secure these items, your attorney can find alternative ways to obtain the documentation safely. Do not go back to retrieve items alone. An attorney can help evaluate your case, as well as help connect you with other organizations that can help you safely make the transition to your new life.

Source: Seattle Times, "Wash. man, 73, pleads guilty to killing wife," Jan. 22, 2013

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