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February 2013 Archives

Washington bill proposes longer waiting period for divorce

Washington families routinely go through a range of challenges that can strain relationships and create tension. While some of these struggles are normal and families work through them in time, others become insurmountable and result in divorce. When dealing with families going through this change, there are a range of family law issues that come into play. Because of the effects divorce can have on families and children, some Washington lawmakers are seeking to make them tougher to get.

Federal government may focus more on same-sex couples

Residents of Washington may be interested to learn that President Obama appears to be signaling a new willingness to address head-on the plight of same-sex couples throughout the United States. In Washington, same-sex couples are now allowed to get married or form domestic partnerships as a result of the November election.

Michigan lawyer gives away free divorce in Valentine's contest

Spokane residents contemplating divorce understand what a heart wrenching decision it can be. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, perhaps the last thing anyone wants to be reminded of is divorce.

Despite birth control error, clinic not liable for child support

Spokane area parents who receive child support payments each month understand the importance and assistance that the check can give each month. When a payment is missed or goes unpaid, it can create a significant financial burden on the parent with custody. Typically, a court will order the non-custodial parent to pay a percentage of his or her income monthly, as child support. The payment is made in order to give proper care and a financially stable upbringing for the child.

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