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June 2013 Archives

Study finds that Washington children still struggling for money

Spokane residents who have has children understand that raising a child can be an incredibly rewarding, albeit difficult life event. Children equate serious responsibility and rely upon parents to raise them, care for them, clothe, feed and nurture them. It is not an easy task, and while some parents excel, others really drop the ball. Whether it is missed soccer games or missed child support payments, a passive or apathetic parent has an incredible impact on their child.

Katy Perry claims ex-husband announced divorce via text message

Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally draining time in a person's life. The happiness and joy of marriage is replaced by heartache and malcontent. For some, the decision whether to divorce can be a monumental task, and can take a long time. For others, the decision can be made in an instant. No two divorces are alike, and accordingly, the timeline for divorces varies greatly.

Allen Iverson's ex-wife claims he owes $40,000 in child support

Spokane residents who have been ordered to pay child support monthly sometimes feel the stress of missing a payment. That stress triples when a change in circumstances occurs where they can no longer support their child. This may include the loss of a job or something similar. Missed child support payments can negatively affect your child, but also can mean legal repercussions for you.

Study finds less divorce for spouses who meet through internet

Many times, divorces bring out the worst of two people. Dissolution can be a hotly contested and painful process. As Spokane residents who have gone through a divorce know, it can be easy to forget the good times. Most newlywed couples never would believe that they would one day be divorced. The heartache and pain can cloud what love there once was, leaving a bitter taste in many divorcees' mouths.

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