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Katy Perry claims ex-husband announced divorce via text message

Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally draining time in a person's life. The happiness and joy of marriage is replaced by heartache and malcontent. For some, the decision whether to divorce can be a monumental task, and can take a long time. For others, the decision can be made in an instant. No two divorces are alike, and accordingly, the timeline for divorces varies greatly.

While the marriage between Katy Perry and Russell Brand ended in 2011, Perry revealed that she found out about the divorce in a usual way, a text message. Perry recently claims that she hasn't spoken to Brand since he text messaged her his plans to divorce her. The text was sent on New Year's Eve 2011 and effectively ended the couple's 14 month marriage. Perry claims the divorce was a result of miscommunication, bad jokes and busy schedules which didn't allow for much time together. She also claims that Brand had a difficult time with Perry's success.

Whether a couple decide jointly to get divorced, or one spouse sends a text message with the decision to the other, the pain and the hurt are still very real. Deciding whether to divorce is just the beginning of the process, which can take a long time, or can be quite short. Variables such as whether the spouses are amicable, whether there are children and the complexity of assets all make for longer divorces. Divorce can be a complicated legal process full of delays. However, some couples move through the divorce process with ease and are able to start their new lives apart quite quickly.

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, an attorney can help evaluate your situation and give you an idea about the potential timeline for your divorce. An attorney can also help answer any legal questions you may have, as well as advise you regarding asset division and child custody issues, if applicable. While divorce signals the end of something that was once good, it also provides the opportunity to start anew.

Source: USWeekly.com, "Katy Perry: Russell Brand Announced His Divorce Plans With a Text Message," Nicole Eggenberger, June 18, 2013

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