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Study finds less divorce for spouses who meet through internet

Many times, divorces bring out the worst of two people. Dissolution can be a hotly contested and painful process. As Spokane residents who have gone through a divorce know, it can be easy to forget the good times. Most newlywed couples never would believe that they would one day be divorced. The heartache and pain can cloud what love there once was, leaving a bitter taste in many divorcees' mouths.

Recently however, a study found that divorce rates are lower for American marriages that get their start with online dating. Statistics indicate that over a third of marriages today begin online, and according to the study they are less likely to end in divorce and are more satisfying. While the study was funded by the online-dating site of eHarmony, the results seem to spell good news for those newlyweds who met online. The research conducted studied 20,000 Americans who were married between 2005 and 2012. In addition to meeting online, income was also a big factor. The majority of those who met online had a sizeable income. While the study produced interesting results, only time will tell whether couples who met online will be able to stand the test of time.

Regardless if you and your spouse met at a coffee shop, bar, online or elsewhere, divorce can strike anyone. While we want our marriages to be healthy and last till death do us part, it is not always the case. When a couple is having trouble, they don't have to jump to divorce as the first option. Rather, a couple can get a separation, or some choose to seek counseling. However, when options run out, divorce may be appropriate. However, a trial may not be necessary, as mediation is available as well as a settlement conference.

Deciding whether to divorce can be an incredibly difficult and life changing decision. It can affect both you and your family tremendously. An attorney can help explain the timeline of a divorce as well as answer any questions you may have.

Source: TIME, "More Satisfaction, Less Divorce for People Who Meet Spouses Online," June 3, 2013

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