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July 2013 Archives

Research finds the number of divorced American women increasing

For many Spokane women, making the decision to get a divorce is one of the most difficult and gut wrenching decisions a person has to make. The decision forces women to look in the mirror and evaluate their past as well as contemplate their future. It can also make women look around them, possibly at their children, their marital home and assets. The decision to divorce can affect all of these things, but not always negatively. It is a difficult decision, but one that ultimately seeks a better future.

Financial arguments cited as key indicator of divorce

It is often difficult to maintain personal relationships despite the positive things they bring to life. Different personalities, different goals, different reactions-all of these differences can make it difficult to navigate the sometimes murky waters of a friendship or romantic relationship. When a Washington couple gets married, these inherent challenges do not go away. For some people who blend well, it may not be that difficult to merge lives and sustain a strong relationship. Others may find daily challenges or extreme circumstances too much to bear, however, and seek to divorce.

Study finds that divorce affects younger kids the most

The decision to get divorced can be one of the most difficult and gut-wrenching choices a person can make. Spokane residents who have contemplated or are currently thinking about divorce understand that divorce affects more than just the two people in a marriage. Couples with children often times find themselves conflicted and opt not to get divorced because of what perceived negative impacts it can have on the children. Children often are a hotly contested part of most divorces and can be placed in uncomfortable situations of having to choose between parents. While family courts do their best to make the process smooth and easy for kids, it is still a difficult process for many families.

Supreme Court DOMA decision leaves uncertainty for many states

Washington State residents have been in the middle of a changing political and legal landscape for gay rights since the previous election. With gay marriage legalized in Washington, gay and lesbian couples have been exercising their right to legally wed, as well as figuring out basic marriage certificate, child custody, and benefit issues which sometimes can be confusing and difficult to find answers to.

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