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Study finds that divorce affects younger kids the most

The decision to get divorced can be one of the most difficult and gut-wrenching choices a person can make. Spokane residents who have contemplated or are currently thinking about divorce understand that divorce affects more than just the two people in a marriage. Couples with children often times find themselves conflicted and opt not to get divorced because of what perceived negative impacts it can have on the children. Children often are a hotly contested part of most divorces and can be placed in uncomfortable situations of having to choose between parents. While family courts do their best to make the process smooth and easy for kids, it is still a difficult process for many families.

Particularly vulnerable to divorce a new study finds, are young children. The study also found that resentment and anxiety that children have towards their divorced parents as adults tend to not spill over into their own romantic relationships. Additionally, the study found that the overall effect of a divorce on a child-parent relationship was relatively minor. Typically younger years of a child's life are critical time periods for forming relationships and attachments, and the study solidified the notion that parents who choose to divorce when a child is young may face negative bonding consequences. The study also examined children after a divorce, and found that in most cases a child is most securely attached to the parent who they live with.

Divorce is no longer a dirty little secret hidden in the closet like it may have been in the 1950's. It is estimated that over half of all children born during the 1990's will likely spend some amount of their childhood in a single-parent household. While divorce may be more mainstream and accepted these days, it still can have a lasting impact on a child, and be emotionally difficult to understand and handle. A lack of certainty and stability can be a scary thing for a child. While the decision to divorce may be the right one, parents should do their best to always place the kids first in a custody dispute. Cooperation and teamwork with your ex-spouse may sound like the last thing you want to do, but civility can help ensure a child's stress is minimized and stability increased.

Divorce is hard on all family members. Each person has to learn to adapt to a life-changing event and it can be a scary and uncertain time. Divorce can be best for all parties, albeit hard for a child to accept. An attorney can help guide you through a divorce, as well as provide resources for children going through a divorce.

Source: LiveScience.com, "Divorce Hits Youngest Kids the Hardest, Study Finds," July 2, 2013

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