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August 2013 Archives

New USDA report is resource in child support determinations

Spokane residents know that life is expensive, especially when children are involved. Whether it is clothing and food expenses, medical care, extracurricular activities or other expenses, the list of children's needs is almost never-ending. Raising a family can be financially taxing for many couples. The financial burden can become even greater after a divorce, however, when one parent may end up providing for most of the child's daily needs. Although child support is designed to provide for the welfare of children and initial determinations rely on a variety of factors, sometimes modifications of child support become necessary.

Woman pays divorce settlement in pennies

A divorce can be an emotionally and financially difficult life event to get through. Each day brings different reminders and memories of a life once envisioned. While there may be pain in a divorce, there is also renewal and a chance to begin anew. For many, divorce represents a fresh start and a new chapter. For some however, a divorce may take a long time to get over and the pain may never fully heal.

Judges appalled by couple's 17-year divorce battle

Spokane residents know some divorces are full of fights, disagreements and endless points of contention. Whether the battle stems from child custody issues or, division of assets, divorces can get ugly quickly. The process is chalked full of emotion and it is understandable why so many divorcees feel the strain and stress of the process. The end of a marriage can be tumultuous and painful event, where emotions are heightened and the stakes are high.

Divorce vacations help divorcees start anew

Spokane residents who have been contemplating divorce or are in the middle of proceedings understand that stress levels that accompany a divorce can make anyone need a vacation. Each dissolution process is different and time lines vary from the start of a divorce to the final granting of one. For some former couples, a divorce can be relatively quick and easy, and for other more complicated cases, the process can span years.

New bill aims to eliminate child custody rights from rapists

Spokane parents understand that the bond between parent and child is one that is stronger than any other. The relationship is one chalked full of dedication, sacrifice and selflessness. After having a child, a parent's whole life can change. As a result of this bond and relationship, family law matters dealing with child custody can be some of the most difficult and heated cases in Washington court rooms.

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