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Divorce vacations help divorcees start anew

Spokane residents who have been contemplating divorce or are in the middle of proceedings understand that stress levels that accompany a divorce can make anyone need a vacation. Each dissolution process is different and time lines vary from the start of a divorce to the final granting of one. For some former couples, a divorce can be relatively quick and easy, and for other more complicated cases, the process can span years.

Recently, companies are trying to cater to newly divorced, providing a luxurious or unforgettable retreat to help them temporarily forget about their divorce. While there are trends of divorce parties and celebrations of a divorce being finalized, divorce vacations seem to be gaining steam. There are the odd Tokyo "sleep shops" where you pay to lie next to another person for a certain amount of time, to lavish night clubs. The Netherlands has a "divorce hotel" that caters to marriage dissolution and includes two single rooms, and psychologists on hand. Vacations aren't limited to just spouses, as Oasis of the Seas seeks to give divorced fathers and their children a cruise package that is customized to strengthen the bond between children and father, particularly after a recent divorce. Or, venture to Montreal where there are VIP divorce party packages available for purchase to re-introduce yourself to the market. Or, stay stateside in Seattle where Hotel 1000 offers a five-hour relaxation package entitled "Back on the Market."

While the idea of many of these locations may seem outlandish or extreme, a divorce can leave a person exhausted, emotionally drained and looking for a new adventure or some well-deserved relaxation. While most people know what to expect regarding the process of a divorce thanks in part to the media and Hollywood, they may not know what to do or how to proceed after the ink dries on their divorce. While much is discussed in terms a divorce timeline, rarely is there discussion about what to do after. Depending on the details of the divorce, a new life may include new living arrangements, finances, different activities or time spent with children.

If you have been contemplating a divorce or have decided to file for divorce, an attorney can help explain the legal process as well as help to answer questions about life after a divorce. While it may seem daunting, the process starts one day at a time, just like any other obstacle.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Vacations That Ease The Pain Of Breaking Up," Aug. 5, 2013

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