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Judges appalled by couple's 17-year divorce battle

Spokane residents know some divorces are full of fights, disagreements and endless points of contention. Whether the battle stems from child custody issues or, division of assets, divorces can get ugly quickly. The process is chalked full of emotion and it is understandable why so many divorcees feel the strain and stress of the process. The end of a marriage can be tumultuous and painful event, where emotions are heightened and the stakes are high.

In most cases, spouses want a fair and speedy divorce. However one couple is making headlines for an astonishing divorce process, one that has gone on for 17 years. After a marriage of 10 years, the couple decided to divorce however that was far from the end of their courtroom saga. The case is made even more baffling by the fact that both spouses are law professors. The prolonged feud has spanned nearly two decades and has been so acrimonious at times that judges have reprimanded their behavior.

Over the course of the couple's divorce proceedings, there has been police intervention, custody lost and complaints filed by judges on the case. While the actual divorce was granted after five years, the ex-spouses have filed 28 additional cases against each other. As a result, judges are calling disciplinary actions and the couple is infamous in the local legal community. With three additional cases outstanding, the saga appears anything but concluded.

While each divorce case varies in both length and complexity, many divorces average six to nine months. For couples with children the process typically can be completed within a year. While length may vary, it is almost certain that emotions will run high. Stress, agitation, anger and sadness are all common feelings divorcees experience. It is critical to remember that your behavior and actions throughout the proceedings can affect your long term financial, emotional and familial situation.

For Spokane residents contemplating divorce, an attorney can help preliminarily evaluate your case and provide an overview of the process. While difficult to pinpoint the exact timetable of dissolution proceedings, being amicable and willing to compromise will surely speed the process along so you may begin writing the next chapter of your life.

Source: Cincinnati.com, "Court calls law profs' 17-year divorce fight 'appalling'," Aug. 11, 2013

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