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Woman pays divorce settlement in pennies

A divorce can be an emotionally and financially difficult life event to get through. Each day brings different reminders and memories of a life once envisioned. While there may be pain in a divorce, there is also renewal and a chance to begin anew. For many, divorce represents a fresh start and a new chapter. For some however, a divorce may take a long time to get over and the pain may never fully heal.

Properly dealing with your emotions during a divorce can be difficult. The proclivity to act out your sorrow, rage or heartache may be strong. While some take to the gym, go out with friends or spend time with their children, others take to destructive methods to cope with the pain. Others seek to stick it to their ex-spouse in creative or unorthodox ways. After a recent divorce settlement, a Nebraska woman was ordered by the court to pay her ex-husband a total of $50. Rather than cut her ex a check or in cash, the woman opted to pay the man in coins. Rather than paying in quarters, dimes or even nickels - the woman used pennies. The wife purchased three Tupperware containers and packed them full of pennies, rice and beans, which the woman says were a nod to her heritage. In addition to the pennies, the woman included a note informing the man that there was $47.12 in pennies in the containers, and that the remaining three dollars was used to pay for the Tupperware containers.

Some may view this action as comical, others as juvenile or sad. It is important to find support systems for yourself after a divorce so that you can properly deal with your emotions. Finding strength in family and friends can help you heal. Additionally, finding a supportive attorney can help make the process as smooth as possible. In many cases, child custody and divorce cases are some of the most contentious and emotional topics courts deal with today. Having a good advocate in your corner can help lessen the stress of the proceedings, while protecting your interests.

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, an attorney can sit down with you and explain the process as well as what to expect. An attorney can evaluate your assets and give you a realistic timeline of the dissolution proceedings. While there is no formula for getting through or over a divorce, surrounding yourself with family and friends as well as taking it one day at a time will help you get through it.

Source: MyFoxPhilly, "Ex-Wife Pays Divorce Settlement In Pennies," Aug. 19, 2013

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