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September 2013 Archives

New divorce trend: divorce after 50 increasing

In news that may surprise some individuals, divorces amongst those over the age of 50, otherwise known as "gray divorces," have become increasingly more common. While divorce after the age of 50 may have been relatively unheard of in mere decades ago, the trend has been steadily growing. These divorces not only represent a new change in divorce trends, but they also reflect differences in how divorces occur, typing dealing with a related, but slightly different set of considerations than those who divorce at a younger age.

Women in gray divorces should be part of financial discussions

Spokane residents who have contemplated divorce understand the potential emotional and financial ramifications of the decision. Recently, a growing trend has developed in the United States with more and more "gray" couples (those over 50) seeking a divorce. While divorce is painful no matter the age or when it happens during a person's life, there are special considerations for couples who are older, specifically asset division, distributions of 401Ks and retirement funds.

Man sues church claiming bells ruined his marriage

A marriage can go south for any number of reasons. Financial stresses, infidelity, and falling out of love are all common reasons couples seek a divorce. In many cases, a divorce may not be the result of a single event, but rather a steady accumulation of discontent. Whatever the reason behind filing for divorce, the underlying heartache and hurt are the same. Washington couples understand that divorce could be an opportunity to begin fresh, but it also represents a time period with a wide array of emotions, which may include hurt, loss, grief, anger, resentment and sorrow.

Allen Iverson's ex-wife seeks $1.2 million in child custody

For many Spokane residents, child support payments can make the difference between financial stability versus financial distress. When a child support payment is missed or late, it can put a large amount of stress on a parent with custody, which in turn may negatively affect the child in the relationship. In cases where payments are missed or late, delinquent parents may be penalized.

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