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October 2013 Archives

Divorcing couples in Washington may consider retirement benefits

Divorce can change a person's life entirely. It is difficult for couples to part ways, but the seriousness of the situation increases when older couples are involved. These couples may have lived together for many years and may have adapted to a certain way of handling life and finances. Residents of Spokane, Washington, may have met some people who divorced later in life and are adjusting to their new lives.

Kardashians appear headed toward two more family divorces

Washington State residents must have heard the recent news of two high-profile celebrity divorces. Both divorces are slated to happen within the same family, the Kardashians. According to reports, Bruce and Kris Jenner have decided to get divorced after a year of living separately. Along with the parents, their daughter Khloe Kardashian may also file for divorce from husband Lamar Odom very soon.

Jermaine Jackson's wages garnished for missing child support

Raising a child in Washington is expensive and it requires the help of both of a child's parents. Housing costs, food costs, medical care, education expenses and child care all add up quickly when only one parent is footing the bill. In order to make sure children have all the financial support they need, Washington family law courts will usually order one parent to pay child support following the break-up of the parents' relationship -- whether that breakup was a divorce or not.

More domestic partners consider name changes

In Washington State and across the United States, domestic partners and same-sex couples face a unique set of challenges. With legal protections that vary significantly from state-to-state, same-sex couples must be careful to protect themselves when it comes to family law issues at all stages of their relationship.

Embryos: the newest child custody dispute?

During a dissolution, Washington couples will need to make a lot of different decisions. The decisions will increase if the couple has children. In addition to solving other dissolution of marriage issues, like property division and spousal support, couples will also need to make decisions on child custody issues. Likely each parent will have an idea of how custody should be split. If there is a disagreement, a Washington court may decide the issue in the best interests of the children.

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