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November 2013 Archives

Woman flees with son, is arrested in Spokane

Parents want to be with their children and will often go to any length to obtain custody. According to one estimate, approximately 200,000 children are kidnapped every year in the U.S. by a relative; that relative is often the parent. Residents of Spokane may have heard of yet another parental abduction after a woman was arrested recently and charged with kidnapping her infant in mid-October. A warrant had been issued for her arrest on charges of custodial interference.

Domestic partners have same federal rights as married couples

Domestic partners who are registered in Washington have similar rights and responsibilities as married couples. The United States Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in June, which also led to a change in the Internal Revenue Service policy. The IRS now recognizes legal same sex marriages, regardless of whether the marriage is considered legal in the state where the couple resides. A same-sex couple that registers their marriage in one state where it is legal but resides in a state where their marriage is not recognized will have the same benefits and tax deductions under the new laws.

Divorce: an incredibly serious decision to make

Many people in Spokane, Washington, try to work out their marriage, even if there are compatibility issues. The couple may try to compromise and change themselves for the relationship to work. However, things may not work sometimes and the couple may need to decide on the future of their relationship.

Unpaid child support may attract new consequences

People in Spokane, Washington, may know that some people refuse to pay child support or may not have the finances to make child support payments on time. Some parents state that they are unable to make child support payments due to unemployment, but many who don't pay support do have jobs. In Washington State, if the person does not pay child support, he or she may be arrested. However, new consequences have been proposed in Oklahoma for parents who do not pay child support on time.

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