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December 2013 Archives

Is it time for Washington State to have a separate family court?

In Washington, lawsuits related to bankruptcy, maritime and copyright disputes are heard by judges considered experts in their respective fields. While nearly 40 percent of cases in Washington's courts are related to family law, these family law issues are not always heard by a judge considered an expert in the subject.

Child custody: Spokane son likely to be reunited with father

Parents from Spokane, Washington, understand that staying away from their child is never easy and is painful. However, many parents do not have a choice since court rulings forbid them from coming in contact with their child, unless they satisfy certain criteria set by child welfare agents. In some cases, authorities will not award child custody to a parent who has not met all criteria.

Modification of child support may ensure timely payments

For divorced couples with children in Washington State, one parent has to live apart from their children, with only visitation rights. One parent may pay child support, while the other gets physical custody. Both parents will try hard to ensure that the child's upbringing is unaffected, but sometimes things do not always work out as planned. The non-custodial parent may not be able to afford child support payments or may not want to make child support payments, which may adversely affect the child.

Court to divide NFL team owner's property post-divorce

Many couples try to work out their marriage and, at times, even live separately for a while. However, sometimes, the relationship just doesn't work and divorce may seem like a good choice. Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, and his wife of 33 years will divorce after living apart for a decade, and the court will now handle the division of assets. If they had been living in Spokane, Washington, each spouse would automatically have been entitled to half of the marital estate under the state's community property laws.

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