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January 2014 Archives

Bill may enable Washington men to escape paying child support

Child support guidelines in Washington take into account the income of both parents while calculating the amount. When applicable, courts may also choose to deviate from these guidelines. The need for deviating may arise from special circumstances of a divorce, child support modification proceedings or paternity claims. However, in recent times, considering the court's bias in awarding child support to a mother, there have been various calls to bring about a change in the system.

Child support laws need to be tolerant of disadvantaged fathers

There are many fathers in Spokane, Washington who pay child support. In many cases, these fathers have difficulty in arranging for the funds, not to mention in times of hardship. As a result, many of them fail to make timely payments and end up losing contact with their children. In worse situations, they are cited as defaulters and jail is often a possibility.

Ex-governor, wife of 26 years reach agreement in divorce

When a married couple divorces in Washington, they must divide their property according to Washington law. In theory, this shouldn't be so hard to do: Washington follows a system known as community property, which provides that almost everything acquired during the marriage counts as community property, and -- in theory -- should be split 50-50 upon divorce. In practice, division of assets is frequently more difficult than that, and can require a lot of negotiation, particularly for high-asset and high-profile couples.

Gay marriage or domestic partnerships? Federal court to rule

Marriage is no doubt considered by most a sacred bond between two people, even in this day and age, from the quietest suburb in Washington State to its busiest thoroughfare. Yet, the passage of time has witnessed the legal and societal recognition of relationships other than a marriage. Domestic partnerships, for example, represent one such relationship, which denies a couple certain benefits that would otherwise be granted only to married couples.

Divorce need not create rivalry and bitterness between couples

There is a misconception among some people in Spokane, Washington, that there is no way a couple can survive a broken marriage and still maintain a healthy relationship with each other. It is true that a divorce can be a serious matter involving certain complexities such as division of assets, child support and spousal support. However, that does not necessarily imply that it is virtually impossible for two people to take care of all such complexities, perhaps with legal assistance, and part ways in a mutually amicable fashion.

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