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March 2014 Archives

More divorces involving pet custody issues

Washington couples getting divorced have many questions during the divorce process. From child custody arrangements to figuring out where you will live, the divorce process can be quite complex. For couples who have a family pet, the concerns over who will have custody of the beloved family dog or cat can only make the divorce process more stressful.

Some domestic partnerships in Washington to become marriages

Couples in registered domestic partnerships in Washington may get a big surprise in the mail soon. The state will be converting many domestic partnerships to marriage on June 30, and they are sending out notices to couples in registered domestic partnerships in Washington.

Don't forget about college expenses during divorce settlement

Parents getting divorced in Washington often worry about the impact the divorce will have on their children. Some spouses end up arguing over child custody and visitation arrangements or worry about how often they will be spending time with their kids. Child custody and visitation is a very important issue to consider while getting divorced, but parents also need to think about the future needs of their children during the divorce process. 

Divorce seminar aims to discourage spouses from splitting

Many couples in Washington who have ended marriages would probably agree that their decision was one of the toughest any person can make in life. Besides cutting the emotional ties associated with marriage, spouses must also deal with complicated issues related to divorce, such as child custody, child support, spousal support and the division of assets.

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