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June 2014 Archives

Can I still claim my stepkids on my tax return if I get divorced?

Consider for a moment this situation: you are the stepparent to your spouse’s children. During the course of the marriage you are considered the main provider and therefore are entitled to the Head of Household status on your tax return. But during the course of a year, you and your spouse decide to get a divorce. In years past, you have claimed your stepchildren on your taxes; but because of your divorce, are you still able to claim them?

Could using medical marijuana cost you custody of your child?

Research has shown that medical marijuana can help ease the symptoms of many conditions and illnesses. This is probably why our legislature decided to legalize medical marijuana in our state. But when these laws were being drafted, no one could have predicted that they would one day create complex family law issues. No one could have predicted that one day, medical marijuana use could influence a judge’s decision when it comes to child custody. Some worry that if legislators do nothing to remedy the problem, it could start affecting more people, including residents here in Spokane.

Court orders Halle Berry to pay hefty child support payments

When it comes to child support obligations, whether you care for them or not really does all depend on whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a court order. If you are on the receiving end of these payments you may support a court’s decision to increase payment amounts but frown when the payments are lowered. The reverse is true if you are the one making payments; you might encounter frustration if a support modification forces you to pay more than what was previously established.

Divorce: an emotional roller coaster you can't wait to get off

Everybody has their own preconceived notion about divorce, including many of our readers here in Spokane County. Most people assume that the process is going to turn into a bitter battle filled with bickering, hurt emotions and constant fighting. This stereotype is often perpetuated by horror stories that can be found on social sites the nation over.

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