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July 2014 Archives

Will I face any problems if I change my name after divorce?

When most people think about divorce they think about the process itself and how much time and energy gets put into it. But what some people tend to forget is that divorce is quite similar to marriage in the sense that it is a huge life-changing event that requires a lot of effort. This is especially true for people who decide to change their name.

Federal act helps deployed soldiers in child custody cases

Family law can be a difficult practice area for a lot of people to understand because of what it encompasses and how many laws apply. Even things that you think might be easy to establish, such as child custody, can get complicated because laws vary from state to state and courts can quarrel about who has jurisdiction.

Child custody and co-parenting issues affect Washington famlies

Having to figure out child custody issues when working through a divorce, and even after the fact, isn't always the easiest thing to do. First, having to decide how custody will be divided between parents can be a very sensitive issue. For parents in Washington who each want a child custody agreement that works in their favor, co-parenting may be an option to consider.

Separating finances in divorce a concern for Washington couples

The process of divorce can bring up so many issues, some that couples may not have considered before hand. Finances is one of those big issues that, if not handled properly, can later come back to hurt those that end their marriage. Washington couples on the road to divorce may certainly benefit from taking their time to understand what financial obligations they will be left with if the division of assets is not properly negotiated during divorce proceedings.

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