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August 2014 Archives

The good and the bad of relocation after divorce

For a lot of people, divorce is a term that carries a negative connotation and is often frowned upon. But for people who have had particularly rocky marriages, this isn't necessarily the case. Divorce is seen as a way of starting over fresh -- putting the past behind them and looking forward to the future.

What should I know about child support in Washington?

Whether you have just wrapped up child custody negotiations with your ex-spouse and a family law judge or are just starting the process, you probably have some questions about child support. If you do, then you're not alone.

Not following court orders may cost you more than you think

No matter where you live, whether it's here in Washington or another state, judges take court orders very seriously. This is true even if the order comes from another jurisdiction. That's because, just as we have to follow the direction of the courts, judges have to follow the law; and if the law is specific about enforcing a court order, they too must abide by it.

What to know about a domestic partnership in Washington

How society views relationships has changes significantly over the last few decades, so much so that many states have struggled to keep up in regards to the law. But despite this fact, the Washington legislature has tried very hard to keep current with societal views and to pass legislation that reflects these views.

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