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September 2014 Archives

Who gets the art in divorce?

When it comes to dividing art in a divorce, deciding who gets what can feel like an uphill battle. Not only is there the financial aspect involved with having to split up the art, but many people also have emotional attachments to collections and/or individual pieces. However, just as other property acquired in a marriage -- such as the house or the car -- many divorcing couples find themselves in the situation of having to address how to divide art.

Using a guardian ad litem to protect your child's best interests

Many divorcing parents here in Washington may not think too much about the plights of other divorcing couples in other states across the nation.  This is usually because most people know that not all laws governing divorce are the same from state to state.

Preparing for divorce isn't necessarily easy, but it is essential

While national statistics regarding divorce aren't the most reliable numbers, it is believed that 40 percent of married couples will seek the dissolution of their union. Regardless, the number of couples seeking divorce, whether in Washington or elsewhere, is pretty significant. With so many couples looking to end their marriages, planning and preparing for divorce proceedings is essential.

Important points of consideration for a Washington divorce

Before going through a divorce in Washington, it is important to look at a few crucial points that are sure to come up during the proceedings. Not only does this knowledge help you to prepare for the case, but it also ensures that you know what you want -- and rightfully deserve -- to get out of the case.

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