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October 2014 Archives

Understanding the child support formula in Washington State

For parents in Washington State who share a child, one of the largest issues that comes up is the child support formula and how it is determined how much must be paid. It's important to understand the state's child support guidelines as the legal issues of support are decided upon. Parents are required to care for the child until the age of 18 and, if the child has yet to graduate from high school, 19-years-old.

Navigating legal issues for same-sex couples

In Washington State, the legal issues surrounding same-sex couples are being watched carefully as the laws across the United States change. In the state, same-sex couples are subject to the same laws as couples of the opposite sex. When there is a decision to part ways, the same legal issues that confront male-female couples often confront male-male and female-female couples. These can have to do with property, custody of children and the other factors that await resolution when a split happens.

Common financial issues in dispute during a divorce

When a couple in Spokane decides to part ways and get a divorce, there are many issues that will come to the forefront. In some instances, there are significant assets that have to be split. A high asset divorce has numerous pitfalls that both sides would prefer to avoid. An equitable property division is obviously the goal, but considering that there will be numerous issues in dispute, that's not always possible. Couples might disagree about everything and want to get exactly what they feel entitled to. This can lead to frequent fears and concerns that must be assuaged to the satisfaction of all.

How does Washington handle child support enforcement?

While most parents in Washington adhere to their child support agreements, there are instances in which the parent who is supposed to be paying is accused of becoming delinquent in payments. A custodial parent who is not receiving what he or she is supposed to according to the law needs to understand that there are options to receive payments and that the parent who is failing to pay may face penalties for it.

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