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March 2015 Archives

How to talk to your partner about a prenuptial agreement

Many couples in Washington could benefit from having a prenuptial agreement. Prenups give you the opportunity to have an honest conversation about finances and what is important to each of you before you get married. They also allow you to protect certain assets in the event of a divorce.

What income is calculated for Spokane child support?

When a Spokane couple shares a child and is no longer together, one parent will likely have custody of the child and the other parent will have to pay child support. A frequent question that arises from both parents will surround how the amount to be paid will be determined. The state has certain standards that are used to decide how much the supporting parent should pay and this needs to be understood as the situation is settled.

How is property division handled in a Spokane divorce?

Amid all the emotional upheaval and questions surrounding the future when a couple in Spokane gets a divorce, one of the most prominent issues that arises has to do with property division. There are certain rules laid out in the handbook of state family law that make clear how the end of a marriage affects property. While the idea behind marriage is to have a stable and happy home life and if it doesn't work out to part ways, there are always financial considerations that are must be viewed under the microscope as divorce legal issues and dealt with accordingly.

Addressing the complex issues involved in same-sex separations

For many years, same-sex partners fought for their rights to have their relationships recognized by the state of Washington and across the United States. Now that the state is transitioning any existing domestic partnerships to marriage in the coming months, issues of same-sex divorce may be more of an issue for some. These unions will face the same legal issues when ending a marriage that other couples do and it can be very important to have an understanding of the sometimes complex elements of such situations.

Parenting time and other issues with children in Spokane

In Spokane and throughout Washington, a couple that is embroiled in a divorce or had a relationship that resulted in a child will have a great deal to consider. One particular issue that frequently arises has to do with crafting visitation plans that will provide an adequate amount of parenting time to both parents and it will be satisfactory for everyone involved. Knowing the law and how the state deals with parenting plans is important in achieving one's goals.

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