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May 2015 Archives

Enforcement of medical expenses in Spokane child support cases

One of the issues that must be handled when a couple shares a child and lawoffices.com/Child-Support/">child support must be paid is medical expenses. State law has certain rules for enforcement when the payments are not made. The state will pursue a parent who has not kept up with the required payments. There will not be legal ramifications if the supporting parent - the obligor - proves that medical coverage is provided through private insurance. If there is no coverage, the state will take steps to ensure that the obligation is enforced.

Keeping the child's interests in mind with child custody

When a couple in Spokane decides to end their relationship, it's often not as simple as just parting ways and moving on with their lives. This is especially true when there are children in the relationship. In most cases, parents will want to do what is in the best interests of the child. That, however, doesn't always coincide with what the parents want. Often, there are ancillary issues that arise when it comes to child custody and these can be difficult to navigate.

Same-sex partners in Washington await ruling

For same-sex partners in Spokane, throughout Washington State and across the U.S., there is a consistent flux as to whether their domestic partnership agreement will be recognized everywhere. In spite of Washington State's acknowledgement of domestic partnerships, the overriding issue of same-sex marriage is still awaiting resolution across the country, with a pending decision from the U.S. Supreme Court regarding this situation.

Recognizing signs of hidden assets in a high asset divorce

When a couple is heading for a divorce or is in the midst of a divorce in Washington State, how the proceeding will play itself out in regards to money is a common concern. Finances are a topic of dispute at the end of a marriage in any case, but if it is a high asset divorce, there are many issues that will come up like dividing property, retirement accounts, savings, stocks and other assets. Knowing what signs to look for if there are hidden assets and financial trickery going on can help avoid problems later on.

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