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June 2015 Archives

The importance of professional legal help with divorce in Spokane

When a couple in Spokane is having issues within their marriage, the first option is always to try and work the situation out and remain married. This is the best case scenario. That said, it is not always possible for two people to get past the emotions and negativity that has spurred talk of divorce. If there are no other alternatives but to end the marriage, then perhaps that is for the best for everyone involved. While many see divorce as a new beginning free of the problems that doomed the marriage, there are also many divorce legal issues that must be navigated and understood as the process moves forward.

Can family law issues be settled with a separation agreement?

When a couple in Spokane chooses to part ways, it can become an acrimonious situation with many family law issues in dispute. There can be disagreements over alimony, supporting children, how property will be allocated and numerous other problems. In some cases, there is so much bad blood between the participants that it is a waste of time to try and come to an amicable resolution. In others, however, it is worthwhile to try and come to an agreement with separation contracts. This type of agreement can provide for maintenance of either party, decide who receives what property, formulate a parenting plan and avoid any other obligations other than those that are in this contract.

What information is needed to end a domestic partnership in WA?

Same-sex partners in Washington State and across the country are watching closely as the perception of a domestic partnership and the legality of a marriage changes seemingly by the day. While the concept of marriage is being defined differently, it is unavoidable that many marriages will end in divorce. Understanding the state law when it comes to dissolution of a marriage whether it is same-sex partners or opposite sex partners and the legal issues therein is key to ending the union with both parties being treated fairly. The information provided is imperative.

Avoiding common mistakes at the end of a marriage in Spokane

When a couple in Spokane moves forward with the end of a marriage, there are many divorce legal issues that will arise. Some are slightly confusing. Others can be important but neglected as one or both spouses simply wants to get the proceeding over with. However, if there are issues that are part of the divorce that a couple doesn't pay attention to, the situation is rife for mistakes that can be costly in the long run.

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