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Can parenting plans be changed via post-divorce modification?

When a Spokane couple divorces, the agreement that is in place to finalize the end of the marriage will often have issues that one person or the other would like to have changed. A common problem has to do with custody of children and visitation. The state has rules when it comes to dealing with situations in which post-divorce modification is sought. Many might be under the impression that these family legal issues cannot be changed, or that it is an overtly difficult process. However, it is possible in some circumstances to have the custody decision changed.

One parent or both parents might want the custody plan changed. This does not necessarily have to be a contentious situation. There could be an agreement on the part of the parents. That being said, if there is a dispute as to whether a parenting plan is to be changed, modification can be more difficult. An example of a change to a parenting agreement might be if the child currently lives with the mother but would like to live with the father the majority of the time. In the event that both parents agree that this is a sensible decision, and the court sees that it is in the child's best interests, it may be granted.

If there is not an agreement, the court will step in and let such a post-divorce modification move forward in only certain situations. There has to be a significant reason for the change to be made, and if the other parent is resistant, then it can be a tough process to achieve.

Whether the modification is small or large, the court must find that it falls within the best interests of the child. No matter the circumstances of the desired change, one key is to properly follow the legal procedures to have the change come to pass. Discussing the matter with a lawyer experienced in family legal issues is important.

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