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August 2015 Archives

Can there be a deviation from the child support formula in WA?

Washington State uses a formula to determine how much child support will be paid from the supporting parent to the custodial parent. While courts do use this child support formula, there are times when it can deviate from the formula. Those who believe their circumstances are such that a deviation is warranted need to understand how courts decide on these adjustments.

How child abuse or neglect affects family legal issues

An unfortunate aspect of family law in Washington is one that happens all too frequently: child abuse and neglect. Many people might not be fully aware of what legal avenues are available to them to do something about this. Sometimes, it has an effect on custody and there is the threat of violence precluding a parent from moving forward to settle these family legal issues. Understanding how the legal system views these matters can help a parent settle the dispute, or another relative can take steps to protect the child.

Washington law for relocation and child custody

Child custody can be a complicated and difficult issue for couples in Washington State. Even after the situation has seemingly been resolved, there is often a disagreement that comes to the forefront if the custodial parent is planning a relocation. Washington law deals with this from the point-of-view of the Relocation Act. Parents who are facing this possibility must understand how the law works, what a relocation will entail, how it encompasses the relationship with children and visitation rights.

High-profile musical couple files for divorce

Any marriage in Washington State and across the country can have its ups and downs. When the marriage involves a high-profile couple -- especially one in the entertainment industry -- there are even more issues that might be in dispute and have to be sorted out as at the end of a marriage. With hefty assets, property, children and other factors, this kind of divorce might be fodder for gossip columns, but it can also provide a blueprint for any high asset divorce.

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