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September 2015 Archives

Sitcom actress and husband announce plan to divorce

Divorce in Washington State and across the country is difficult. What can make it even more difficult is if there are ancillary issues that can slow the progress of the proceeding. If it is a high asset divorce, it is likely that the finances will play a major role in the case. These types of divorces can happen with people who are private and uninterested in being in the public eye. Sometimes, however, is when these divorces involve people who are famous for one reason or another.

Child custody orders if one parent is serving in the military

Child custody is often a difficult issue for parents to get through in Washington State. There are many factors that go into parenting time, the best interests of the child, how the parents deal with one another and much more. Personal circumstances often affect emotions and how the parties deal with the situation. One particular issue that can arise is if one parent is a member of the military.

How does family law view presumptions of parentage in WA?

It is not uncommon in Washington State for marriages to end and for there to be a dispute over child custody. However, there are certain aspects of family law that must be understood if there is a question regarding parentage. With the majority of marriages, there is no disagreement as to whom the parents of a child are. The spouses are the parents and the law makes this presumption. If the parties do not believe this to be the case, however, the spouses need to know what the law is before moving forward in a dispute.

License suspension for failure to pay child support in WA

News stories in Washington State and across the country often tell of parents who have failed to pay child support and end up being arrested. However, there are other penalties that may not end up on the evening news, but can be just as damaging to a person who is found guilty of delinquent payments of child support. One is by initiating a license suspension.

Important points to remember about divorce in Washington State

Marriage in Washington State and across the country can be difficult whether it is an opposite sex couple or a same-sex couple. On the other hand, people must keep a few important points in mind when they decide to divorce. The end of a marriage carries with it numerous divorce legal issues. Knowing and understanding this - regardless of the nature of the dispute that led to the decision to part ways - is key to a successful resolution of the situation.

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