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Sitcom actress and husband announce plan to divorce

Divorce in Washington State and across the country is difficult. What can make it even more difficult is if there are ancillary issues that can slow the progress of the proceeding. If it is a high asset divorce, it is likely that the finances will play a major role in the case. These types of divorces can happen with people who are private and uninterested in being in the public eye. Sometimes, however, is when these divorces involve people who are famous for one reason or another.

One of the stars of the popular television show "The Big Bang Theory," Kaley Cuoco, is divorcing her husband of two years, Ryan Sweeting. The couple were married on New Year's Eve 2013. According to court documents, they decided to officially separate on September 3. Sweeting is 28 and Cuoco is 29. According to their representatives, the decision to part ways was mutual. They have a prenuptial agreement that they executed not long before they married.

In addition to complex asset division, a high asset divorce will also have many of the same issues that a more conventional divorce will. If there are children involved, the spouses will have to deal with child custody and support issues. In addition, they may have to address spousal support payments.

Because these marriages with significant assets are often contentious, it is useful to have prenuptial agreements. Whether the divorce is amicable or rife with disagreements, one of the keys to a positive outcome is securing sound legal advice.

Cuoco is well-known for the happy character that she plays on a highly-rated television show, and her television commercials. That happiness did not extend to her married life and she and her husband felt the need to part ways. What this divorce indicates is that everyone - wealthy and famous or not - is vulnerable to the personal issues that can spark the end of a marriage. Those who have substantial assets and are moving forward with a high asset divorce need to make certain their interests are protected with help from an experienced attorney.

Source: Business Standard, "Kaley Cuoco officially files for divorce from Ryan Sweeting," Sept. 29, 2015

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