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October 2015 Archives

Legal assistance with grandparents' rights in Washington State

In Washington State, it is not unusual for grandparents to come to the forefront in caring for their grandchildren. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as if the parents are not able to care for the child, being deployed in the military, being incarcerated or simply deciding to let the grandparents be in charge of the child. In some cases, this can turn into a dispute as to who has the right to take care of the child on a permanent basis.

Pursuing child support if the other parent has left the state

Custodial parents in Washington State who are supposed to be receiving monthly payments from a supporting parent might not realize that there are steps that can be taken to secure the money regardless of where the other parent has gone. Those who are violating the support agreement and have left the state or absconded from the country can still be pursued by Washington State child support enforcement. The key is knowing what to do to receive what is owed.

Requesting a child support modification in Washington State

A frequent problem that parents who are ordered to pay child support will face is what to do if they would like to have the agreement changed. Child support modification is possible in Washington State, but it must be done according to the rules. There could be many different reasons for the attempt to alter a child support order. The most important factor is to follow the proper steps to getting this done.

Understanding possible financial fraud in a Washington divorce

A divorce in Washington State can be simple or complex depending on the circumstances. Along the same lines, these situations can be amicable or rife with endless dispute. When the end of a marriage is contentious, it is possible that one of the spouse was using financial trickery or committing fraud; this could carry over into the divorce proceedings. Understanding the various signs of fraud can help a person better prepare for the divorce.

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