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November 2015 Archives

Are property and assets split 50/50 in a Washington divorce?

Previous discussions regarding property division in a Washington State divorce have centered on the difference between community property and separate property. There are, however, other aspects of a divorce when it comes to finances. These include understanding whether the court splits the property and debts in half, knowing how spousal behavior factors in and how taxes and other financial issues will be viewed.

Limits on retroactive pay for child support in Washington

Retroactive payments for child support -- also known as back support -- are often worrisome issues for parents in Washington. It is important for Washington parents to understand how the law views these issues, and what the limits for back support are when the child support order is made. Parents who do not fully grasp this issue might have a problem making the monthly payments and the back payments after the support agreement is established. This can lead to problems with child support enforcement and everything that entails.

Child custody, parenting problems and a child's say in Washington

Unfortunately, in some Washington State child custody cases, there are parenting problems that make the situation difficult and require legal intervention on the part of the courts. In certain instances, one or both parents will have personal issues that render them unable to be effective and trustworthy parents. Frequent issues that the courts see include child abuse, neglecting the child, domestic abuse, substance abuse, the decision on the part of one parent to withhold the child from the other parent, impairments that limit or eliminate a parent's ability to take care of the child and abandonment.

How is the maximum amount of child support determined in WA?

Washington parents who share a child, but are no longer together as a couple will undoubtedly understand that there will likely be child support involved. Few, however, are completely aware as to all the different rules and calculations that go into how much will be paid under state law. The state has guidelines in place that limit the amounts that will be paid with what is similar to a floor and a ceiling. It generally will not go beneath the floor, and it cannot go above the ceiling. Knowing how this is determined is important for both parents as they plan for the future. The following deals with the highest amount that a parent must pay.

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