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January 2016 Archives

How Washington State deals with property division

Family law issues are not uncommon in Washington State and when a couple decides to end a marriage, property and how it will be allocated will frequently come to the forefront. It does not necessarily have to be a high asset divorce for there to be a contentious dispute regarding how this will be handled. There could be sentimental items that both spouses want to keep for themselves. Having a grasp on the legal factors involved can either help avoid rancor or assist in settling the situation in a satisfactory manner.

Men battle for visitation rights in spite of Washington law

In Washington State, paternity disagreements can lead to emotions running high, and they can affect child custody, the parents' relationship with their children, visitation rights and much more. When parental rights are at issue, paternity is sometimes a key component. As with any legal issue concerning family matters, having competent legal advice often means the difference between a satisfactory resolution and a continuous battle regarding the child and the parents.

The importance of legal help with adoption in Washington State

In Washington State and across the country, adopting a child is a common occurrence and is considered a noble endeavor. Not only does it help people who, for many reasons, choose to adopt to form a family, but it also benefits the children. However, as with most family legal issues, adoption can be a complicated process rife with potential trouble spots. This is why it is imperative to have a full understanding of the process in both a personal and legal sense. To do that, it is wise to have assistance from an experienced attorney.

When is a guardian ad litem appointed in an adoption in WA?

In Washington State, an adoption can be a difficult and costly process. There is no doubt of its rewards, but it is important to understand all the family legal issues that can arise. One particular issue that can come up is if it is necessary to appoint a guardian ad litem. A previous post discussed what a guardian ad litem does and the importance of the role he or she serves. It is also crucial to have a guardian ad litem in certain types of adoptions.

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