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Basic overview of the divorce process in Washington

People in Spokane know that divorce is quite common. About 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, so a large number of people will encounter the court system via the divorce process. This blog post will provide readers with a basic overview of the divorce procedure in Washington.

First, there is a residency requirement for those who wish to file a divorce petition in Washington. The spouse filing for divorce must have been a resident of the Evergreen State for at least 90 days at the time the petition is filed. After the petition is filed, there is a waiting period before the divorce decree can be granted. This waiting period is also 90 days. This is a minimum waiting period; it may take longer than 90 days for the divorce process to conclude.

Currently, the only grounds that exist for divorce in Washington is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This means that even if domestic violence or some other bad situation is triggering the divorce, "irretrievable breakdown" will be the grounds for the divorce. Exacerbating factors, such as domestic violence will be considered when the arguments are being made to the judge regarding the specifics of the divorce decree, however.

When the petitioning party files the paperwork to begin the divorce process, they will have to include certain information, such as the place of residence of each party, the date and place of marriage, names and ages of dependent children, whether spousal support is being sought and more. Drawing up the petition, answering a spouse's petition and making arguments in court are all complicated things. Many people choose to get legal assistance with these tasks.

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