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Ending a marriage is never an easy reality to face, no matter the length of the union. A marriage often means that Washington spouses have built a life together. The divorce process now means that the couple must plan and prepare to deconstruct that life to build separate lives.

For some divorcing couples, this means sorting through numerous assets, property and liabilities. Additionally, if children are involved, parents will also have to face decisions regarding a parenting plan. And, before a divorce decree can be reached, the divorcing couple may need to address financial decisions, such as spousal support and child support.

A lot of decisions could be on the plate of divorcing spouses, making it an ideal time to attempt to work as a team. At the Hodgson Law Office, our legal team has assisted divorcing couples in Spokane with collaborative divorces. For some spouses, it is important to work together and reach an amicable dissolution.

If the circumstances are appropriate, a collaborative divorce could be a very beneficial mechanism to work through the various divorce issues spouses face. Our attorneys have experience with this process and have the resources necessary to assist couples, so their needs are met. We have successfully helped past clients navigate the collaborative divorce process, helping them through any pitfalls or disputes.

To learn more, check out our divorce website. Whether one initially uses the collaborative divorce process, this method could serve one through dissolution. Additionally, if the process does not seem to work for one and their ex-spouse, there are other options to explore. No matter what method one chooses, it is important that one is aware of the process, how it could resolve a divorce issue and how it will impact the overall divorce order and post-divorce life.

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