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September 2016 Archives

The importance of property division and assets in a divorce

Couples in Washington State who are in the midst of or are considering ending their marriage in a divorce will have a lot to consider as the process moves forward. Amid all the emotional upheaval, it is easy to forget that there will be a life after the divorce. With that comes a need to support oneself and prepare for the future. Property division and protection of assets - whether it is a high asset divorce or not - are key parts of a proceeding and must be watched over very carefully.

What is collaborative divorce?

The divorce process allows couples to reach agreements concerning important divorce-related issues. Sometimes, however, divorcing couples experience difficulties resolving disputes and encounter differences related to the division of property, spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation or other divorce-related issues. Collaborative divorce is an option that allows couples to focus on problem solving and solutions rather than differences and disputes.

To share or not to share during divorce: Follow these social media tips

Social media can affect a marriage and continue to play a negative role when it comes to divorce. It seems that some people share almost everything on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but when it comes to social media there is such as thing as too much information- especially if you are going through a divorce.

Our law firm helps clients with domestic violence matters

Domestic violence affects the lives of many couples throughout Washington and the world. When a person finds that domestic violence has become a part of their life, they would be well advised to take quick action to protect themselves. Getting excellent legal representation is often a part of this process. Domestic violence attorneys at the Hodgson Law Office have helped many with these sensitive matters.

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