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Even an uncontested divorce needs legal advice

Couples in Washington whose marriage is no longer viable might not be at one another's throats as most divorces are perceived. It is entirely possible that these individuals will be able to come to an amicable settlement regarding property division, child support, alimony and any other issue that arises as the marriage concludes. Sometimes, they might even decide to move forward with the process and do so without legal help. While that might seem like a good idea at the time with an uncontested divorce, there are reasons why it is not particularly wise.

Simply discussing the matter with an attorney does not mean that the process is going to change from amicable and friendly to contentious and difficult. There are many cases in which people have made glaring errors in their divorce and they have lost property they wanted to keep, are not receiving enough in alimony and child support to function, and find themselves in deep trouble when it all could have been avoided had they consulted with an attorney.

Even couples that are planning to remain friendly if not outright friends can benefit from the protection that a lawyer can provide when getting a divorce. There are legal documents that must be filed, a process that has to be adhered to, and factors that are often overlooked when doing the process without expert advice. In the long run, the attempt to save money on a legal professional will end up costing exponentially more in time and eventual payouts if mistakes are made.

It is understandable that couples who are parting ways on friendly terms do not want to rock the boat and spend the money on a lawyer during the divorce. However, divorce can be complex even if it is uncontested. With that in mind, speaking to an attorney about how to go about it is a smart choice from the start.

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