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January 2017 Archives

What legal options to domestic violence victims have?

It's the year 2017, and unfortunately domestic violence is still a major problem in Spokane and nationwide. The Washington court system has shared with Evergreen State residents some essential facts about domestic violence. Domestic violence is a learned behavior. Although perpetrators and others will claim that the victim or substance abuse or a relationship causes domestic violence, in truth it is the perpetrator alone that causes domestic violence.

3 considerations for military fathers in child custody spats

Even in the best of circumstances, child custody disputes can become tense. When you are in the military, the situation can become even more complicated. However, there are some key things you need to know, which can help make the process easier and simpler for your family. 

For some in Spokane, divorce is on the brain after the holidays

The holiday season is finally over, and many people in Washington may have a surprising thing on their minds: divorce. Studies have shown that divorce filings tend to spike just after the holidays. Some speculate that this is due to tensions unleashed after days spent together at family functions with in-laws. Regardless of the cause, many people will probably have divorce on the brain this January.

3 points women should know when divorcing military men

You have stood by your spouse's side as he served this country for the past couple of decades. Now, you realize that the marriage just isn't working. Your spouse is nearing retirement and that money is what you were counting on to live out your final years. You don't want to lose the security of that income and other retirement benefits, but you simply can't stay married to him any longer. The good news is that you are probably covered under the 20/20/20 military rule for divorce.

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