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Domestic violence may affect child custody outcomes

During a divorce or after parents have decided to separate a child's life may be thrown into chaos as custody is determined. Since Spokane children may not live on their own until they reach the age of 18, they generally will be placed under the care of one or both of their parents, when their household dissolves from one to two.

When both parents are given physical custody of their kids, they are said to have joint physical custody, and they each are allowed time with their children in their households. However, in some cases, one parent may be granted sole physical custody of their kids, if the circumstances of the family relationship dictate it. Though courts sometimes seek family law and custody resolutions that allow children to maintain contact with both of their parents, when courts see one parent as a danger to their kids, they may give physical custody solely to the other.

Allegations and convictions of domestic violence may be factored into a child custody determination. As courts are tasked with seeking to preserve the best interests of the children they serve, they will consider if one parent may pose a threat to the health and well-being of the children subject to their custody orders. Dealing with claims of domestic violence during a custody battle can be emotionally and legally trying, though consultation with a family law attorney can provide knowledge and support to those dealing with these difficult issues.

When parents are accused of harming their spouses, partners or children they may lose rights to seeing their kids should they find themselves in child custody hearings. Lawyers who work with family law clients may be good advocates for those who must overcome domestic violence allegations in order to maintain their important relationships with their children.

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