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Fighting for a father's rights during the divorce process

As many readers of this Spokane divorce and family law blog know, ending a marriage can be a difficult process. Even when the couple does not share children there can be strong disagreements and arguments that arise in the legal process to dissolve a marriage. When kids are part of a divorce, those fights can become downright mean.

While historically mothers were given the benefit of the doubt when it came to assigning custody of the children, today fathers have more opportunities to demonstrate their abilities to provide stable, loving homes for their children. Child custody generally involves two main categories of responsibility, physical custody and legal custody, and a parent who obtains primary physical custody of their child gets to have the child live within that parent's home.

Washington courts will look to the best interests of the children when making child custody determinations; however, those determinations will not always yield a preference to allow the child to stay with the mother. A father has rights to offer evidence of how physical custody within his care can give a child a better life than if that responsibility is given to the child's mother.

The Hodgson Law Office recognizes the vital role that both parents play in the lives of their children, and to this end, the attorneys of the firm advocate for fathers' rights during the divorce process. Whether it is to attain physical or legal custody of children, or to secure visitation time with a child in the other parent's custody, our attorneys are prepared to advise their father clients of how, through the law, they may work to preserve and improve their ongoing relationships with their kids.

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