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April 2017 Archives

Unmarried fathers have custody rights to their kids

Child custody cases are generally resolved when a court is able to determine how best to serve the needs and interests of the children impacted by the decisions. Whether a mother or father is granted primary physical custody of a child will depend on the circumstances of each case, though it is important for fathers to remember that a presumption does not exist in favor of granting this right to mothers. In Washington and jurisdictions throughout the nation, fathers can fight for the physical and legal custody of their children.

Retirement accounts can complicate your Washington divorce

Getting a divorce is often an emotionally tumultuous time. In addition to ending your primary relationship, you will have to deal with changes in your living situation, finances and even time with your children. The greater your overall assets, the more likely it is that you and your former spouse will argue about the right way to divide them.

If I am in the military, where do I file for divorce?

Divorce can be a complicated process, beginning with understanding the laws governing where divorce proceedings may be initiated. But, in most cases, a party may file for divorce where they have residency, these general rules are different for members of the military. The following post will discuss some of the jurisdictional issues a military service member may confront when pursuing divorce. However, readers of this Spokane divorce legal blog are encouraged to seek their own legal counsel on their own divorces.

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