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Politics can stress marriages and lead to divorce

Martial partners may choose to divorce for a variety of reasons, but a current events topic is emerging as a point of contention that has driven some American couples to divorce. The occupant of the American presidency, Donald Trump, has proven to be an incredibly divisive figure. This is true not only in political circles, but also in relationships as well. Couples throughout Washington state and other parts of the nation have elected to end their marriages over conflicts they experience with their significant others about the President.

Politics is only one of many hot button issues that can drive an irreparable wedge between spouses. In addition to political affairs, themes, like finances, religion and professional aspirations, can all put stresses on the delicate balance that keeps a marriage stable.

Some individuals may have thought that they knew their spouses' inclinations on these important topics before they wed. But, they may find later in life that their spouses have changed or that they did not fully understand their spouses' preferences on important social and economic institutions.

Whatever the reason, a divorce can be an important legal step toward preserving the happiness and security of an unhappy married person. Through the separation of assets, the establishment of spousal and child support payments and the development of child custody schedules, a formerly married person may find solace and freedom, after seeing their marriage to its end.

A relationship can begin to crumble when the parties to it discover that they do not share ideas and beliefs that they may have assumed they once had in common. The current political climate has brought this situation to a head for some Americans. Regardless of the reason, a person contemplating divorce is advised to discuss the process with a trusted family law attorney to make sure they understand the laws that will affect their future lives.

Source: Washington Examiner, "'Trump effect' sending couples to divorce court," Paul Bedard, May 8, 2017

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