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June 2017 Archives

Special considerations for your military divorce

As a military member, you may be wondering how your divorce differs from a civilian divorce. In general, military divorces are very similar to those for civilians. However, there are a few difference and special circumstances you may need to consider before you even begin the process.

Who pays what debts during a Washington divorce?

One of the most complicated aspects of getting divorced in Washington is often figuring out how to divide assets and debts. You may want to receive certain assets, or you may feel that you shouldn't have to help pay off debts accumulated by your former spouse. It can be frustrating, if you married a spendthrift, to have to accept a massive load of debt that you didn't accumulate during the marriage. Generally speaking, except in special or rare circumstances, you will be expected to pay half of the debt, regardless of who spent the money.

Third parties may have custody, support rights and obligations

The concept of a family has undergone a beautiful evolution over time. While once a family only consisted of a mother, father, and any children that may have been born from their union, it now extends to single parent households, blended households, households where grandparents raise their grandchildren, households with two parents of the same sex and other combinations driven by affiliation and love.

Could mediation work for your divorce?

When Spokane residents think about divorce, they often picture the acrimonious images that movies and television portray of angry adults and upset children tearing their lives apart through a contentious legal process. It is an unfortunate truth that some divorces are difficult and may result in hostility between the divorcing parties. However, not every divorce must be subjected to the confrontational process of a litigated divorce that most Americans are familiar with.

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