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Could mediation work for your divorce?

When Spokane residents think about divorce, they often picture the acrimonious images that movies and television portray of angry adults and upset children tearing their lives apart through a contentious legal process. It is an unfortunate truth that some divorces are difficult and may result in hostility between the divorcing parties. However, not every divorce must be subjected to the confrontational process of a litigated divorce that most Americans are familiar with.

In fact, for some couples, mediation and collaboration may be options for ending their marriages. Mediated divorces and collaborative divorces thrive on the cooperation of the divorcing parties to talk through their concerns and needs, their expectations and hopes and to come to party-driven outcomes regarding important divorce-related decisions, like custody, support and property division.

There are a number of upsides to pursuing divorce through collaboration and mediation, and the attorneys of the Hodgson Law Office are prepared to discuss them with their divorce clients at their Spokane-based law firm. To name only a few, advantages to divorcing though non-litigious means can include lower costs and higher satisfaction for the parties who have chosen to separate their lives from those of their marital partners.

Conflict is often a driving force and significant reason that couples choose to divorce. But, if they are able to put their differences aside and work together, many divorcing parties can find peace through collaborative and mediated divorce methods. To learn more about these alternative paths to divorce, interested readers are welcome to contact the attorneys of the Hodgson Law Office today to begin working toward freedom through divorce.

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