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July 2017 Archives

The impact of a Washington divorce on your retirement

You spend much of your adult life saving funds in the hope of having a secure and comfortable retirement. Now, sadly, you and your spouse have reached an impasse and divorce seems inevitable. You're probably worried about a number of things, from who gets primary physical custody of your children to the best way to divide your assets and your various debts, like credit cards.

A child's best interests should guide custody during divorce

Divorce can be the result when two married people find that they are no longer able to live together or function as a cohesively united pair. Although divorce does not have to be a challenging, acrimonious process, it can be very difficult to settle some of the vitally important matters that arise when two Spokane residents choose to end their legal relationship. One matter that can pose significant trials for divorcing parties is how to responsibly manage the custody of the children they share. In Washington courts and courts throughout many American jurisdictions, child custody decisions should be made after considering the best interests of the children.

Country singer files for divorce from actor husband

It may seem as though celebrity couples live charmed lives full of glamor and wealth. As Spokane residents read about them in newspapers and magazines, they may imagine how different their lives might be if they too were rich and famous. However, actors, singers and others who work in the entertainment industry are subject to the same heartaches and pain as regular people who must endure difficulties in their personal lives.

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