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A summary divorce may be all you need to move forward

A summary divorce is possible if you meet certain qualifications. For this kind of divorce, you'll need to have no contested factors in your situation. For example, if you want to obtain spousal support, you won't be able to obtain a summary dissolution.

To qualify for a summary divorce or dissolution, you'll need to show that you were married five years or less. Additionally, you cannot have any children. If you have a home or mortgage payment, then this kind of divorce is not right for you. In your case, you'll want to have a more complete divorce to address your home's value and how it should be divided in divorce.

To be able to have a summary dissolution, you need to have combined marital property worth less than a certain amount. Most of the time, the amount is under $35,000. This amount doesn't include motor vehicles, since those may potentially be worth much more than $35,000.

Basically, a summary divorce is a simple divorce. If your divorce is not going to be simple, then that's not the right kind of divorce for you and you may need to pursue a longer divorce process.

What are the benefits of a summary divorce?

Summary divorces are beneficial because they take less time than a traditional divorce. There are fewer negotiations required and you may not need to go through dispute resolution processes.

A summary divorce also requires less paperwork. You'll spend less time at the court house, and, in some cases, you may never need to appear at all.

A summary dissolution or summary divorce may be the right choice for your situation if it's not complicated. With this solution, you can save money and move forward with your divorce quickly, so you don't have to struggle for months or years to legally divorce.

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